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We keep it Lit!

Do you know we service light poles??

Keeping your lights on and performing is so important for so many reasons!

As they approach your business, your customer’s first impression is your parking lot. Does it look inviting? Is it well lit? Does it look safe?

A well lit parking lot increases security and lowers the possibility of crime. And security cameras perform better with better lit areas.

Customers will feel safer walking in and out of your business and feel better about leaving their cars and possessions while they are in your business.

Good lighting can also help prevent accidents-driving or walking.

Thinking about converting to LED? You should! Converting to LED creates cost savings by being more durable and reliable, which lowers maintenance costs. Additionally, LED’s generate better and brighter light.

And, did you know that LED lights don’t emit UV Rays that attract insects? No bugs?? That’s a win for sure!

Here are just a few of the services we can provide:

  • Replacing burnt out lamps and ballasts

  • Replacing or upgrading fixtures to LED

  • Sealing fixtures when possible to stop water ingress

  • Secure hand-hole covers to prevent unauthorized electricity usage or copper theft

  • Installing bird spikes atop light fixtures

  • Washing & painting poles, fixtures, and concrete bases

  • Replacement of rusted or damaged light poles

  • Inspect your light poles looking for things that could affect illumination-dust, debris and tree branches

  • install dusk to dawn lights or motion sensors

Let us know how we can help! Give us a call if you’d like a light pole inspection and recommendations on how you can improve your lights!


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